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La Comba exer­cised due dili­gence and care in compi­ling the content of this website. However, errors during proces­sing cannot be enti­rely excluded. La Comba, repre­sented by Marc Lucena, shall not be liable to ensure that the site is accu­rate, complete and up to date. Simi­larly, all liabi­lity for any damage or other conse­quences arising from the direct or indi­rect use of the content offered shall be excluded. As a provider of content, La Comba shall be liable for content only under appli­cable law in accordance with s. 7 (1) of the TMG. All infor­ma­tion provided on this server without any obli­ga­tion on our part whatsoever is subject to change without notice. This provi­sion shall not affect any obli­ga­tion exis­ting under general law to remove or block the use of infor­ma­tion. However, any liabi­lity in this respect shall only apply from the time we become aware of the specific infrin­ge­ment. La Comba will remove such content imme­dia­tely after beco­ming aware of any such infrin­ge­ments.

The mere use of this website shall not estab­lish any contrac­tual rela­ti­onship between the user and the provider. La Comba has checked if third-party copy­rights apply to the present use of third-party mate­rial. Conse­quently, if there are any objec­tions to the use of infor­ma­tion, texts or images, it is essen­tial that you notify us imme­dia­tely. If objec­tion is justi­fied, we will redress the rele­vant grie­vance without delay.

Infor­ma­tion rela­ting to links provided on this website: In accordance with ss. 8 to 10 of the TMG, La Comba shall not be respon­sible for any data protec­tion safe­guards or content of other websites and shall not consider such content as its own. Any liabi­lity for content going beyond the links avail­able at http://​www​.lacomba​.de and/​or any of its asso­ciated domains shall there­fore be expli­citly excluded. When linking to external sites for the first time, the provider checked their content for any viola­tions of law, but no statutory viola­tions were obvious at the time. In no case can La Comba be held respon­sible for any subse­quent incor­rect or incom­plete content or damage, of any kind whatsoever, that is asso­ciated with using the provided links and infor­ma­tion. Liabi­lity lies solely with the provi­ders of the respec­tive sites to which the links direct.


The struc­ture as well as the entire content of this website are governed by German copy­right. Elements of this website may only be used or modi­fied for trading or other commer­cial purposes upon the provider’s prior express consent. On request, La Comba will gladly provide any mate­rial you wish to receive. La Comba is gene­rally inte­rested in users sharing the infor­ma­tion provided on this website or using it on other websites – provided that La Comba is mentioned as the source and a direct link to the original source is included.

The protec­tion of copy­right shall also apply to editing, trans­la­ting, storing, proces­sing and/​or repro­du­cing any content in data­bases or other elec­tronic media and systems. The repro­duc­tion of infor­ma­tion or data, espe­ci­ally the use of texts or any parts thereof, graphs, audio, video or anima­tion files or images for commer­cial purposes shall require the prior written consent of Marc Lucena, unless copy­right, for example of images, is with third parties.

Parties inte­rested in mate­rial owned by external suppliers shall clarify copy­rights on their own initia­tive as necessary, but can ask for support if needed. It is prohi­bited to repro­duce the content of this website via any elec­tronic or non-elec­tronic means whatsoever, for example for sales purposes, without having previously clari­fied rights of usage. On the other hand, placing links direc­ting to this internet site is basi­cally permitted and welcome without requi­ring prior consent. However, placing links in a frame where La Comba is no longer iden­ti­fiable as the author shall be gene­rally prohi­bited. All rights reserved.