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Stra­tegic Alli­ance at La Comba

What are the objec­tives of an alli­ance?

La Comba estab­lished a Stra­tegic Alli­ance with selected growers to bundle the sale of products from diffe­rent regions. Via this network, count­less custo­mers are supplied with crisp iceberg lettuce from Murcia, aromatic necta­rines and fragrant apri­cots from Cata­lonia, and juicy citrus fruit from Valencia.

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When does respect meet sense of duty?

This Spanish commu­nity is open to addi­tional, capable suppliers if they are not just looking for short-term sales oppor­tu­nities, but appre­ciate the value of a sound alli­ance with us and German food retailers.

Day by day, we base our busi­ness rela­ti­ons­hips on mutual respect and a sense of duty that goes beyond the rules of our special part­nership. Budget chains and super­mar­kets know this and trust that La Comba and its manu­fac­tu­rers and logistics provi­ders will be happy to meet even unusual requests.

Where do we source our supplies?

Some­times a retail chain will prefer to have an exclu­sive rela­ti­onship with specific fruit and vege­table growers. Well, that’s not a problem. We will be delighted to intro­duce you to speci­ally reserved sources of deli­cacies from Spain.

How do farmers meet and how does their commu­ni­ca­tion with clients work? La Comba coor­di­nates and orga­nises all tasks, buil­ding on the expe­ri­ence we gained in our Stra­tegic Alli­ance.

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