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Quality assurance at La Comba

How does quality assurance work?

Ever­y­body likes to speak their mind about quality – without necessa­rily mentio­ning the veri­fiable stan­dards set out, for example, in certi­fi­ca­tion. People at La Comba are abso­lutely clear about what quality assurance is: QA is our way of iden­ti­fying any service weak­nesses and conti­nuously opti­mi­sing our perfor­mance.

We use expert audits to scru­ti­nise our suppliers and other part­ners. On the other hand, we, your importers, undergo profes­sional assess­ment ourselves in order to meet the requi­re­ments for IFS Broker certi­fi­ca­tion.

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Who conducts the analyses and audits?

Our quality assurance helps us main­tain the high stan­dard of our work at all times, and our retailer custo­mers benefit directly from the resul­ting effi­ci­en­cies. Although our quality manager and her team are accredited to perform a variety of audits, we like to coope­rate with inde­pen­dent quality agen­cies in Spain to carry out quality control and supplier audits.

For instance, we arrange for test purchases to be made for compa­ra­tive purposes, both from growers we know and others we don’t know. We source labo­ra­tory exami­na­tions exclu­si­vely to faci­li­ties accredited to ISO 17025 and proven to have the physical means and tech­nical exper­tise to perform in-depth analyses.

How does La Comba respond to risks?

Quality assurance even helps in the case of comp­laints. For example, in a simu­la­tion of tracea­bi­lity, La Comba thoroughly scru­ti­nises samples of selected items and directly traces all factors influ­en­cing the item in ques­tion all the way back to its origin.

In an emer­gency, this proce­dure makes it easier to find the source of conta­mi­na­tion with pollut­ants, for example. If there is a risk, we can activate a ban on deli­ve­ries promptly. This level of caution is an immense benefit in terms of secu­rity for our custo­mers.

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What do you think of high stan­dards?

By prac­ticing quality assurance, we want you to be assured that our work consistently meets excep­tio­nally deman­ding quality requi­re­ments. The inves­ti­ga­tions that are syste­ma­ti­cally conducted as part of our QA process show that these processes help La Comba to imple­ment your stan­dards smoothly.