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What do you under­stand by quality?

The varied aroma of a mature peach deligh­ting your palate – that sensa­tion is the stron­gest proof of a fruit’s premium quality! However, expec­ta­tions of buyers at the retail shop can be quite diffe­rent. Some vitamin lovers would rather appre­ciate a crisp bite.

Would you rather savour large grapes with seeds or don’t you want any bitter off-taste to inter­fere with the delight? Does broc­coli need to excel by having enough weight to feed a family or in terms of deli­cacy of appearance for deco­ra­ting a fancy vege­table platter? The services La Comba offers are custo­mised to meet retail chains‹ indi­vi­dual requi­re­ments without they them­selves having to travel the length and breadth of Spain in search of the right F&V produ­cers.

Mädchen riecht an Tomaten
Feldbauer mit Schubkarre voller frisches Gemüse

What are your own speci­fi­ca­tions?

Produce imported via La Comba complies with the usual stan­dards, or course – inter­na­tional UNECE regu­la­tions for marke­ting and quality control and also special or tighter EU stan­dards and, last but not least, German regu­la­tions.

La Comba offers the key service of orga­ni­sing the reli­able supply of fruit and vege­ta­bles that will arrive on sche­dule, in the commer­cial cate­gory you selected. Moreover, our family-owned company meets your indi­vi­dual product and deli­very speci­fi­ca­tions without diffi­culty: Do you prefer a special variety or kind of packa­ging? Do you want the fruits to come with small self-adhe­sive labels? Do you plan to offer a conti­nuous supply of produce that is consis­tent in quan­tity and quality?

How important is expe­ri­ence?

Having Spanish roots ourselves, we know the menta­lity and produc­tion condi­tions on the Iberian Penin­sula. This back­ground has enabled us to build trust with suppliers and other part­ners. This is why, each day, we come off with supe­rior produce at good prices for you.

At La Comba, we are dedi­cated to quality. As experts for healthy and tasty fruit and vege­ta­bles, we turn down any gene­ti­cally mani­pu­lated agri­cul­tural produce. You can rely on us to support you with our expe­ri­ence, flexi­bi­lity and exper­tise day and night.

Bauer überprüft Orangen
Bauer und Kinder mit Gemüsekiste

Who loves custo­mised services?

Want to place an urgent order for melons on a Saturday after­noon during a heat spell? Are you concerned after hearing a media report in the evening that said there were resi­dues in straw­ber­ries? Or do you need to procure tomatoes right after a holiday because your shelves have been emptied? We respond imme­dia­tely – even to emer­gency requests and comp­laints.

We also place special emphasis on veri­fiable quality assurance. To sum up, there are plenty of reasons to rely on La Comba’s IFS Broker-certi­fied quality.