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Quality is key at La Comba

»The Germans are important to us in every respect. It’s a market with more than 80 million consu­mers who eat plenty of vege­ta­bles. Besides, German traders are reli­able.«

Xavier, vege­table grower in the Province of Almería, Deutsch­land­radio Kultur

Food retailers appre­ciate the impro­ve­ments their busi­ness part­ners have achieved over recent years. Our regular certi­fi­ca­tion in accordance with IFS Broker proves that La Comba strongly invests in quality control, product safety and quality manage­ment. Traders reward the importers’ relia­bi­lity in supplying tasty fruit and vege­ta­bles by showing their appre­cia­tion and loyalty.

Supported by La Comba, these compa­nies treat consu­mers to high-quality food­s­tuffs that deserve respect at all levels of hand­ling. After all, we are talking here about nouris­hing food to satisfy vital needs and add a sensual enrich­ment to ever­yday life. It’s also about attrac­tive and successful food stores for consu­mers who like the look of crisp lettuce or cour­gettes or whose appe­tite for cher­ries and plums is trig­gered.

Kind am Kassenband vom Supermarkt
Vater mit Kind als Kunde
»Quality means that it’s the customer who returns, not the commo­dity.«

Hermann Tietz, German trader (1837–1907)

La Comba orga­nises the procu­re­ment of horti­cul­tural produce from Spain on behalf of retail chains, and is also highly committed to small custo­mers. »Each customer is a special customer to us«, Mana­ging Director Marc Lucena points out.

Marc Lucena’s father Juan Lucena adds that La Comba culti­vates custo­mised busi­ness rela­ti­ons­hips and meets custo­mers‹ speci­fi­ca­tions without hassle: »Even if, on any parti­cular occa­sion, a customer orders only a single pallet, we are happy to accom­mo­date the request!«

»Quality is never an acci­dent. It is always the result of intel­li­gent effort.«

John Ruskin, British art histo­rian (1819–1900)

Our team members dedi­cate all their skills and effort to ensure the reli­able supply of apri­cots, clemen­tines and other deli­cacies from the Iberian Penin­sula. To safe­guard the quality of services, our members of staff update their know­ledge and refine their talents on a regular basis. Our quali­fied agro­no­mist pulls all the strings in quality assurance.

At La Comba, we get a lot of energy from our Spanish roots, but we have also deve­loped a sure feel for the German menta­lity. Why don’t you have a look and see for yourself which level of exper­tise, energy and spirit your fruit whole­sale experts have to offer?

Hände behüten Pflänzchen
Große Auswahl an Gemüse
»Can we ever have too much of a good thing?«

Miguel de Cervantes, national poet of Spain (1547–1616)

In the winter of 2016, consu­mers savoured more of our tomatoes from Spain than ever. The craving for iceberg lettuce has had no limits for some time now. Kohl­rabi is another vege­table fans of good cuisine have favoured over the past four years. The popu­la­rity of stone­fruit has been increa­sing for years now, too.

At La Comba, we know all about how to deal with large ship­ments and seasonal fluc­tua­tions. That’s why both our custo­mers and consu­mers can rely on a full supply of water melons to refresh their hot summer days, and later on in the year citrus fruits by the ton to gene­rate that lovely scent of Christmas. Less widespread items such as medlars and figs are also avail­able on request.

»Spain is utter heaven.«

Sylvia Plath, American poet (1932–1963): »Letters home. Corre­spon­dence 1950–1963«

Spanish produ­cers excel in exper­tise they have obtained in horti­cul­ture over genera­tions. Their profes­sio­na­lism has reached a remar­kable level. Public debate on sustai­na­bi­lity and related issues have influ­enced the fruit and vege­table farmers. Well networked, they have shaped the industry’s progres­sive evolu­tion and adapted state-of-the-art solu­tions to meet the chal­lenges of the future.

Our suppliers‹ Spanish tempe­ra­ment and sere­nity make dealing with them easy, espe­ci­ally when they share their spirit of vita­lity with La Comba’s staff. Being fami­liar with their customs and ideas about work, salutation, food, family and reli­gion also helps La Comba to build good rela­ti­ons­hips. The fact that Germans have loved the Spanish sun and holi­days on Majorca for decades is another advan­tage La Comba enjoys with its Spanish part­ners.

Weites Feld in Spanien
Orangen mit lachenden Gesichtern
»Who could be sad
looking at the smiling oranges,
gloomy at the scent
of their deli­cate sweet­ness.«

Giovanni Della Casa, Italian arch­bi­shop (1503–1556)

After the post-War period, which was full of depri­va­tion, Germans deve­loped a real craving for Spanish oranges. Fruit and vege­table exports from Spain started to move into full swing in 1986 when the country joined the then European Economic Commu­nity (EEC).

When La Comba was founded in 1994, the German fond­ness for Spanish horti­cul­tural produce conti­nued. Back then, broc­coli, iceberg lettuce and, above all, clemen­tines and oranges were the basic items Cologne-based importers La Comba made avail­able. Today, La Comba’s range includes any kind of produce from classic fruit like pears and lemons and popular vege­ta­bles like sweet pepper and onions to more exotic fruit like avocados and Sharon fruit.